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Repayment Loan For Everything

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Non-bank loan available immediately

Non-bank loan available immediately

Repayment Loan is a unique non-bank product that is available not only through Internet request but also through a mobile phone. A loan with which a credit limit of up to CZK 12,000 is attached. Both single repayment and gradual monthly payments can be used.

You can have money on your bank account today, which is not only influenced by the simplicity of the application, but also by the speed of the approval process and the payment of money. With the settlement of the Repayment loan, there is only a single fee of 20%.

Installment Table Small Mortgage

Installment Table Small Mortgage

Loan Amount Repayment period Minimum installment Drawing fee APR * Total *
1.000 Kč within 3 months 400 CZK 200 CZK 247,58% 1.200 CZK
5.000 Kč within 3 months CZK 2,000 1.000 Kč 247,58% 6.000 Kč
10.000 Kč within 3 months 4.000 Kč CZK 2,000 247,58% 12.000 Kč
12.000 Kč within 3 months 4.800 Kč CZK 2,400 247,58% 14.400 Kč

* when paying the full amount in the first installment

Representative example: From time to time, a smaller amount of money is needed to resolve unexpected life situations. Sometimes, for example, an amount of CZK 2,000 is enough for an Repayment loan to secure you in a moment. In this case, you will automatically obtain APR 411.1%, which is caused by the fee for drawing 20%, ie CZK 400. Furthermore, the interest is CZK 707. You will pay a total sum of 3 107 CZK. Maximum maturity can be up to 240 days. On repeated requests, a reduction in APR can be achieved.

Repayment loan for anything

Repayment loan for anything

Earn money to fund any needs and do not limit yourself. Ask for money for anything. A revolving type of full repayment loan is applicable to personal needs, hobbies, purchases or payments for a variety of services. This is useful, for example, before payday.

On Repayment loan you will appreciate its flexibility, administrative simplicity and professional client services. The advantage of this non-banking solution is that you can repay individual withdrawals during the month only at the end of the next month. In short, a variable lending model.

In terms of availability, the loan is open to everyone who meets the basic conditions. Just be a solvent client and money is yours.

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What to check when comparing payday loan agreements?

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Taking out a payday loan  should always be a well-thought-out act.

Co sprawdzić, porównując umowy kredytowe?

Currently, we find a lot of attractive payday loan  offers in banks and non-bank companies. When we want to borrow money, we should also carefully compare the contract. It is in them that we find key information!

Finding a good payday loan  or bank loan is not very complicated today. We can compare offers via the Internet, use special calculators or rankings. However, we should not decide on a specific one without looking into the contract. By signing it without reading it, we agree to all subscriptions at the same time. What to check when comparing loan agreements?

In a credit or payday loan agreement you will find information such as:

• parties to the contract – the lender and the borrower

• date and place of the contract

• payday loan or credit amount together with the total amount to be repaid

• repayment time of the payday loan or credit with set exact dates

• payday loan repayment rules

• interest rate and other fees, for example, preparation fee, margin

• terms of withdrawal from the contract

• consequences of not repaying the payday loan

Of course, these are only selected information, because in reality there are many more. That is why contracts usually have a few pages written in a small print. They may deter, but in fact the lack of familiarization with the terms of the contract will work to our disadvantage. If we have any difficulties in reading the contract, it is worth asking other people. You can also contact the lender for additional information.

What to pay special attention to when reading the contract?

Above all, we should look at issues related to payments. Let’s check the exact amount of the payday loan and the amount to be repaid. Please note what payday loan costs were included in the contract. Then we can see which payday loan will be more attractive to us.

We should also read the table of additional fees. It defines in what situations a financial institution can take them and what are they. This applies, for example, to the costs of extending the payday loan repayment period or debt collection.

It is also worth to look at repayment terms – when we decide to pay for money , then most often we pay the debt in one installment after 15, 30 or 60 days. On the other hand, in installment payday loan, we pay installments to the designated day of each month. Then we can spread a larger sum for more convenient payments for us.

Installment payday loan with a clear contract

In the payday loan company, we meet the expectations of customers – on our website you can see the payday loan model and its detailed records. Thanks to that our clients can get to know them immediately without having to fill in a payday loan application .

If there are any additional questions related to the offer, we are also available. Our consultants will answer exactly and present the terms of the payday loan so that they are understandable. You can call us, write an e-mail or use the on-line chat.

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